BA Softball Club

 So, my first go at captaining the indoor team this season, and also my first game back as pitcher.

A single game against Maidenhead, and a must win one at that if we are to contend against Richings Park for the top spot in the indoor league this season.

So no pressure then!

The lineup was settled, the batting order sorted, all of our team made it to the venue in good time to warm up, we even had to let Tracey go and join Backstabio (Colin) on the other team to make up their numbers (more about them later).

All that was left was to play ball!

All of this was running through my head as I stepped up to the pitcher’s plate, had a quick look around, surveyed the team’s positions and then took a deep breath.

The first pitch was wide. And when I say wide, I don’t just mean an inch or two, I don’t even mean a foot or two; we have to go metric to be able to even begin to describe the awfulness of this pitch. If you look up “MLB first pitch fails” you’ll get the idea.

This was all the catalyst that was needed for the entire sports hall to burst into laughter (it was that bad) and cue lots of comments about how many warm up pitches I actually needed (hint, more than two).

Anyway, luckily, that was only a warm up pitch, and we soon got under way with the game proper.

As these indoor games tend to go, the action came thick and fast, with not much time to catch your breath, let alone take note of what’s happening. 

The game started off well, our fielding was pretty solid and we made some excellent plays in the field, and I don’t recall any howlers (except my own of course but I’m keeping shtum about those!).

Unfortunately, in the first and second innings, our batting let us down a little and we didn’t score quite as many points as we maybe could have (or should have). We seemed to struggle with the ceiling a little and weren’t quite batting as well as we should, seeming to always find either the roof or someone’s glove.

To compound matters, Tracey was having a blinder of a game in the field (but for the other team!) managing to stop not one, but two home runs by catching off the bat of a very irate Sarah Mckeown. Much foot stomping (and some colourful language) definitely occurred around the batting lineup after that!

One other memorable play was Ryan’s interesting base running technique, which briefly involves getting hit smack in the head by the ball between 1st and 2nd base and then continuing on to somehow make it all the way home! I’m not sure how he did it, and I’m pretty sure he was still concussed at the end of the game but I doff my cap to some outstanding determination by Ryan to keep going no matter what!

Coming in to the third innings, I’m pretty sure we were behind by quite a bit. We seriously needed to put some points on the board with some smart batting and some aggressive base running.

This is exactly what we did! Somehow in the third, every single batter on the team found their groove! Corners were struck, walls were ricocheted off, door frames were hit, balconies were savaged and nets were dropped into. Somehow we found the angles and made the game start to resemble a bit of Real Tennis rather than Indoor Softball.

Whilst this was going on, the base runners were keeping their heads up and pushing those bases to grab any extra points that came our way and keeping the pressure on the fielding team to force them to make mistakes.

When the game ended, no-one seemed to know what the score was, I felt sure that we’d done enough to redeem ourselves, but was it enough to win?

The answer was yes!

Final Result:    BA:                  42

                        Maidenhead:   32

Congrats to all who played and well done for an extremely plucky team performance.

The next game sees us take on RP in yet another must-win game!

Phew! It’s tough at the top.


James Pearce

(Club Secretary)





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