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Here is a list of our upcoming matches, along with numbers confirmed for each game (correct as at 19th May). If you haven't yet confirmed that you can make a game please email Andy asap so that he doesn't end up pulling his hair out at the last minute (I won't look the same if I'm bald).

Date Home Team Away Team Numbers F/M
25/05/2017 Bracknell Scorchers BA Flyers 3/3
01/06/2017 BA Flyers Wildcats 2/3
08/06/2017 Maidenhead Rascals BA Flyers 1/1
15/06/2017 BA Flyers TV Rattlesnakes 2/2
17/06/2017 BA Tourney BA Tourney 2/3
18/06/2017 BA Tourney BA Tourney 2/3
22/06/2017 RG Blue sox2 BA Flyers 3/2
29/06/2017 BA Flyers FP Flames 3/4
06/07/2017 TV Hawks BA Flyers 3/4
06/07/2017 BA Flyers TV Hawks 3/4
13/07/2017 BA Flyers Bracknell Scorchers 3/4
20/07/2017 Wildcats BA Flyers 3/3
27/07/2017 BA Flyers Maidenhead Rascals 3/4
03/08/2017 TV Rattlesnakes BA Flyers 3/3
10/08/2017 BA Flyers RG Blue sox2 3/4



2017 Season

Game 1 - Flyers @ FP Firebirds, 11th May 2017

Sadly the result did not go the way we would have hoped (especially for those who finished the game thirsty), losing the game by just two runs (15-13). Still we put in a valiant effort in closing down what apparently was a 10 run deficit. Home runs by Josh and Tom helped us on our way, and our three outfielders (Sarah, Max & Josh) worked hard together to get the ball back to hold their runners back. Of course we’re not the Flyers without our comedy moments and Sarah, who it must be said has been fairly quiet with her comedy routine for the last two years at first returned to the outfield where she reminded us all of the true value of laughter. A pop-up fly to left field, Sarah ran in and is under the ball waiting for it to land in her glove … whereupon her legs just collapsed and the ball landed next to her prostrate body. If you’ve seen the video of the goats that fall over & play dead when anything comes too close, this was that moment.

Game 2 - TV Hawks @ BA, 18th May 2017

Postponed due to rain.

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