BA Softball Club

Here you'll find a list of the tournaments that we want to put a team together for, along with current counts of confirmed players for each tournament.

GB Open April 19th Farnham Park 1 Day 4 2
Windsor First Ball April 25th Farnham Park 1 Day 5 5
Jersey May 2nd St. Brelade, Jersey 2 Days + 2 Days Travel 1 0
British Airways June 20th Imperial Sports Heston 2 Days 7 + 1 5
Windsor Invitational  June 27th Farnham Park 2 Days 0 0
BSUK/MLB July 18th Farnham Park 2 Days 7 4
Hit and Run Sep. 6th Maidenhead Softball Club 1 Day 7 5



BA_Softball No indoor training this weekend (6 Apr). Dates for outdoor training currently being worked out.
BA_Softball Training is on today! 3-5pm at Meadhurst as usual.
BA_Softball BA Tournament 2019 Unfortunately with the change of date for the BA Tournament this year, we have not been able to…
BA_Softball Aloha! Wishing both our teams all the best on the final day of this tournament. Let’s play ball ⚾️…
BA_Softball Wear those helmets people
BA_Softball A few thank you's from us this weekend. Big thank you to all the teams that supported the BA Tournament. Even wit…
BA_Softball Cup semi for rec pitch 4 at 2pm Pirates vs Oddsox Cup semi for rec pitch 4 at 3pm Rattlesnakes vs game of throws